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Senate mocks the voters of Ohio
AUTHOR: American Policy Roundtable
May 24 2007

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In an act of direct defiance the Ohio Senate voted on May 23rd to overturn the results of the November 7th election and legalize video slot machines at Ohio's racetracks.

The defeat of Ohio ballot issue #3 was the third time voters said no to casino gambling and slots in the State. In spite of this clear instruction of the electorate the Senate by a vote of 25-8 passed SB 125 from Committee and directly to a floor vote in a matter of hours. Here is the list of Senators who defied the results of the election and voted to legalize "instant racing machines" at the tracks.

John Boccieri (D), Capri Cafaro (D), Gary Cates (R), Patricia Clancy (R), Kevin Coughlin (R), Teresa Fedor (D), Randy Gardner (R), David Goodman (R), Timothy Grendell (R), Bill Harris (R), Eric Kearney (D), Lance T. Mason (D), Dale Miller (D), Ray Miller (D), Sue Morano (D), Larry A. Mumper (R), Tom Niehaus (R), Tom Roberts (D), Tom Sawyer (D), Robert Schuler (R), J. Kirk Schuring (R), Robert F. Spada (R), Steve Stivers (R), Jason H. Wilson (D)

Here are the eight Senators who kept their oath to uphold the Constitution by honoring the direct votes of the people and state law.

Ron Amstutz (R), Steve Austria (R), Steve Buehrer (R), John Carey (R), Keith Faber (R), Jeff Jacobson (R), Joy Padgett (R), Tim Schaffer (R)

Please call your State Senator and tell them exactly what you think about their vote. We urge you to thank those who honored the vote of the people and take strong note of those who did not.


Now is the time to also contact your member of the Ohio House and the Speaker of the House Jon Husted and urge them to vote NO on SB 125 and any legalization of slot devices in Ohio.


More information on gambling in Ohio.



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