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AUTHOR: David Zanotti
May 04 2006

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The Florida Legislature is in the midst of a whirlwind. The Leadership of the Senate has been fractured by internal conflicts. The House is caught up in the race to finish the Session by Friday. In the midst of all this chaos there is one vote left that MUST happen if term limits are to be saved in Florida. The House needs to vote to repeal SJR 2788, the anti-term limits amendment.

SJR 2788 is a fraud. It pretends to extend legislative term limits to twelve years, but in fact will destroy term limits in Florida. It is so poorly written and contradictory that some elected officials could get 14, 16 or 18 years in office and others may NEVER be term-limited at all.

The Senate voted to pull the amendment from the Ballot. The House must now do the same. The following House members need to hear from you TODAY.


Call your Florida State Representative and urge him/her to vote to repeal SJR 2788 the anti-term limits amendment.

The session ends Friday. There is no time left. Please call these House Leaders today.

Speaker of the House Allan Bense (850) 488-1450

Majority Leader: Andy Gardiner (850) 488-9770

Rules & Calendar Council Chair: Dudley Goodlette (850) 488-4487

Rules & Calendar Council Vice Chair: Jeff Kottkamp (850) 488-7433



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