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Ohio Science Standards and Voluntary State Model Curriculum

AUTHOR: Melanie Elsey
January 27 2006

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SHORT TERM ACTION: Review the lesson

Call your ELECTED board member (see map): Click on their name to get their phone number. Inform them (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) that you expect them to honor the Board's previous response to the public and KEEP the lesson.

DO NOT advocate for Intelligent Design.

Let him know you have seen the lesson and do NOT want it removed/eliminated.

Stay on point: Students deserve academic freedom -- intellectual honesty -- freedom of speech. Beyond your own board member, please consider calling Virgil Brown. He is the elected member from Cleveland and was absent at January's meeting. By now he has heard from his constituents and he needs to understand that his swing vote will affect ALL Ohio students - including your family. His number is 216-851-3304. This is his business phone and you will most likely get his secretary who will transfer you to voicemail.


If Martha Wise or another board members brings up the motion again, the vote will most likely occur at the March State Board of Education meeting. The evolutionists will attend in full force. We need to fill the room with Ohio citizens who care about academic freedom!

Please mark your calendar for TUESDAY, MARCH 14th and PLAN TO ATTEND!

We will confirm this after the February board meeting and send directions.

If you have ANY questions, please ask!.


December 2002 - The Ohio State Board of Education approved new science standards which included at least 10 on the topic of evolution. ONE of the indicators opened the door for students to understand all sides of the scientific evidence regarding evolution (for and against Darwin's theories).

10th Grade: "Describe how scientists continue to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory. (The intent of this indicator does not mandate the teaching or testing of intelligent design.)"

March 2004 - The Ohio State Board of Education approved several model lessons based on this indicator. Only ONE addressed the differences between microevolution (changes within a species which does occur) and macroevolution (changes from one species to another which evolutionists have been unable to prove).

This lesson, "Critical Analysis of Evolution" became targeted for elimination earlier this month (Jan. 10) by evolutionists and State Board of Education members dedicated to protect Darwin's theory from any scientific challenge.

These board members, evolutionists, and the media have twisted this debate into something it is not -- a mechanism to sneak Intelligent Design into the schools.

WHY? Last month (Dec. 20) a single federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled on a local school board policy which required instruction at the high school level in Intelligent Design. He concluded that Intelligent Design is repackaged creationism and a violation of the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Evolutionists and State Board of Education members Martha Wise, Sam Schloemer, and Rob Hovis saw this as an opportunity to attack a fair and balanced policy in Ohio. They claim that any critical analysis of evolution can be tracked back to people who advocate for Intelligent Design and therefore must be eliminated.

IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND: It was the intention of the board in 2002 to allow a complete understanding of the scientific evidence, including evidence that challenges the validity of macroevolution. The standard language above was crafted in response to an unprecedented 20,000 + pieces of input from the public to the Ohio Department of Education on this issue. There is no religious viewpoint presented in the voluntary sample lesson - only opportunities to research the evidence.

Martha's motion to eliminate the lesson failed by ONE vote (8-9). Two board members were absent. Since the vote was close they have vowed to try again. Your involvement is needed!



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