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Tribal Casino in Lima, Ohio? Call City Hall Today
July 02 2007


Please call and express your opinion about City Council and the Mayor trying to cut a deal in Court to open a tribal casino in Lima, Ohio.

Here is their contact information:

Mayor David Berger:
Phone: (419) 228-5462

For City Council phone numbers visit:

This action is unprecedented and a clear abuse of the intention of the 1988 Indian Gaming and Regulatory Act passed by Congress. Since 1990, voters in the Lima area have voted against casino gambling three times in statewide ballot issues.

If the Mayor and City Council give this land in question to the Eastern Shawnee tribe, it will be handed over to the federal government and placed in legal trust for the tribe, which functions as a sovereign nation. This land cannot be recovered by the City of Lima or the State of Ohio -- it is gone and so it most of the control over what happens on that land.