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SJR 2788
AUTHOR: Melanie Elsey
May 05 2006


This is the final day of the 2006 Florida Legislative session. There is still time to make a difference. The Senate has already voted to take the phony anti-term limits amendment off the fall ballot. The House leadership has just placed SJR 2788, the repeal of the term-limits ballot amendment, on today’s calendar with an anticipated Floor vote. It is critical that SJR 2788 is passed today to ensure that the phony term-limits amendment is removed from the ballot this fall.

The people of Florida overwhelmingly voted for 8 year limits in 1992. The General Assembly is sworn on oath to uphold the Constitution. Their job is to represent the people, not attack the right of the people to amend their Constitution.


Last year, Lawmakers in Tallahassee thought they were wiser than the vast majority of Floridians. They approved ballot language to take out 8 year term limits for themselves and "extend" the limits to 12 years for members elected in 2006 and beyond. They have refused to extend the limits to the Governor or State Executive office holders, just the Legislature gets the extension. This will obviously damage the balance of power in Florida government giving more power to the House and Senate.

Even worse, the "12 year extension" is hardly that. The proposal is so poorly written and contradictory that, if passed, many members would get far more than 12 years in office and some may escape through a loophole and never be term limited at all. This measure will surely end up in the Courts where Judges, not the people, will decide the fate of term limits in Florida.

TODAY is the LAST day of session. The Senate did the right thing. The House Members must now follow through and approve SJR 2788. Please call Speaker Allen Bense today at 850-488-1450 or 850-488-9696 and urge him to support the constitutional rights of the people. Urge him to call for an immediate vote to approve SJR 2788.

Please call and email your own State Representative as well. Thanks.

Speaker of the House
Allan Bense (850) 488-1450

Majority Leader:
Andy Gardiner (850) 488-9770

Rules & Calendar Council Chair:
Dudley Goodlette (850) 488-4487

Rules & Calendar Council Vice Chair:
Jeff Kottkamp (850) 488-7433

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