Dr. James Dobson
Focus on the Family

Paul M. Weyrich
Free Congress Foundation

Rich Bott
Bott Radio Network

Rod Parsley
Center for Moral Clarity

Janet Folger

Donald E. Wildman
American Family Association

Stuart Epperson
Salem Communications Corporation

Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

Gary Bauer
American Values

Kenneth Hutchenson
Mayday for Marriage

Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Chairman
High Impact Leadership Coalition

Alan Chambers, President
Exodus International

Dick Bott, Sr.
Bott Radio Network

Carl D. Herbster
Advance USA

Dr. Bill Maier
Focus on the Family

Rick Scarborough
Vision America

Keith Wiebe
American Assoc. of Christian School

Leo Godzich
Natíl Assoc. of Marriage Enhancement

Ron Crews
MA Coalition for Marriage

Samuel Casey
Christian Legal Society

Colin A. Hanna
Let Freedom Ring, Inc.

Byron Voorheis, III,
Michigan Chairman, Social Conservatives Bush-Cheney O4í

Gary Glenn
American Family Association of Michigan

Randy Thomas
Exodus International

Kelly Shackleford
Free Market Foundation

Phil Burress
Citizens for Community Values

Rev. William Owens, President
Coalition of African-American Pastors

Dr. S. Dale Burroughs
Biblical Heritage Institute

Clint Cline
Design 4

Larry Cirignano

C. Preston Noell
Tradition, Family, Property

Rev. Ted Haggard, President
National Assoc. of Evangelicals

Stephen M. Crampton, Chief Counsel
American Family Association Center for Law and Policy

Warren Kelley, President
National Center for Freedom & Renewal

Rev. Derek A. McCoy, Vice President
High Impact Leadership Coaliton

Dan Panetti
National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families

Kristian M. Mineau, President
Massachusetts Family Institute

John Stemberger, Chairman
Florida Family Policy Council, Inc.

Al Laws, Jr.
WIN Family Services, Inc.

Diane Gramley
American Family Assoc. of Pennsylvania

Matthew D. Staver, President
Liberty Counsel

Mark Benz
Men for Nations

Robert E. Reccord, President
North American Mission Board

Alan E. Sears
Alliance Defense Fund
(for identification purposes only)

Richard D. Land
Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

Frank Wright, Ph.D., President
National Religious Broadcasters

J. Kenneth Blackwell
American Center for Civic Character