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For the Common Good
By David Zanotti


The Philosophy of Science and Medicine
By Dr. Charles McGowen

Affordable Care, Atheism and Astrophysics

A Moment in History
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

Antifa and Fascism

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God Uses Storms, Part II
September 19, 2017
2 Minute Format Archive

God Uses Storms
September 15, 2017
60 Minute Format Archive

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The God Win Moment, Part V

The God Win Moment, Part IV

The God Win Moment, Part III

The God Win Moment, Part II

The God Win Moment, Part I

The Case Against Kasich

Football and Public Policy

Gambling and the NCAA, Part III

Gambling and the NCAA, Part II

Gambling and the NCAA, Part I

Gaming the Poor, Part II

Gaming the Poor, Part I

Leadership 2012: The Hidden Hand, Part V

Leadership 2012: The Hidden Hand, Part IV

Leadership 2012: The Hidden Hand, Part III

Leadership 2012: The Hidden Hand, Part II

Leadership 2012: The Hidden Hand, Part I

The Corruption is Now Complete, Part V

The Corruption is Now Complete, Part IV

The Corruption is Now Complete, Part III

The Corruption is Now Complete, Part II

The Corruption is Now Complete, Part I

Does Legalized Gambling Make Sense?

Jumping off a Bridge

Gambling-A Portal Into Political Reality

What To Do Now?

Danger For Families

Danger To Tourism

Why Is it Happening?

What's Happening?

Gambling Lawsuit Update, Part II

Gambling Lawsuit Update, Part I

A is for Anarchy, Part V

A is for Anarchy, Part IV

A is for Anarchy, Part III

A is for Anarchy, Part II

A is for Anarchy, Part I

Suing The Governor IV

Suing The Governor III

Suing The Governor II

Suing The Governor I

Why Not Talk About Abortion?:III

Civil War Lessons IV

Killer Angel III

Casinos and Gettysburg, Part IV

Casinos and Gettysburg, Part III

Casinos and Gettysburg, Part II

Casinos and Gettysburg, Part I

The Cost of Losing, V

The Cost of Losing, IV

The Cost of Losing, III

The Cost of Losing, II

The Cost of Losing

Gambling -- A Portal into Political Reality

Gambling and the Rule of Law

A Cry For Justice, V

A Cry For Justice, IV

A Cry For Justice, III

A Cry For Justice, II

A Cry For Justice, I

When You Sue the Government II

When You Sue the Government I

Suing the Government

Law Breaking 101

Good Deeds

Gambling and the Rule of Law, IV

Gambling and the Rule of Law, III

Gambling and the Rule of Law, II

Does Legalized Gambling Make Sense?

The Casino Industry's Over Expansion, Part II

The Casino Industry's Over Expansion

Charlie's Bad Bet

Lottery Puppets

Jumping Off A Bridge

Casinos Going Bust - It's Inevitable

Rats Jumping Ship

Daly and Barkley

Gambling Media Bias

Not Again! Another Casino Plot?

When a Governor Goofs

Two Governors - Two Big Mistakes

Stealing from Schools

Seniors and Gambling

Another Casino in Ohio

The Other Number 10

Another Attempt at Ohio Slot Machines

The Big Fight in Ohio and Florida

Ask the Weatherman

Victory in Lima

Florida Gambling Fails to Deliver

Grabbing a State by the Throat - Gambling in Ohio

Race Track Slots - Gambling in Ohio

Another Ohio Scam - Gambling in Ohio

Another Florida Scam

Ohio Senate Mocks the Voters - Gambling in Ohio

Gambling Anarchy

Political Addictions - Gambling and Good Government Do Not Mix

Dwight D. Eisenhower

NASA on Display

A Creepy Tale

Goliath and his Brothers

The Little White Gambling Lie

The Stickup

Aggressive Progressives Part II

Arizona Lottery Scam

Pro Gambling Pickpockets

Gambling Math

60 Minutes - List the Lottery Losers

Casino War Update

Nevada Crime Scene

The Vegas Percent Line

Three Steps to Better Schools

Abramoff and Ralph Reed

The Best Way for Slot Machines

Can You Praise God on Mainstreet

The Only Unregulated Player in the Game

Casino Cops and Robbers

The Abramoff Story Chapter IV

The Abramoff Story Chapter III

The Abramoff Story Chapter II

The Abramoff Story Chapter I

A Tribal I Told You So

Rudolph the Red Nosed Lottery Ticket

Election Prayers

Gambling Grief

A Very Bad Thing in Ohio

The Facts about Tribal Gambling

The Fight on the Playground

Gambling Expansion in Florida

Gettysburg Casino Part II

The Most Outrageous

Tribes on the Warpath

Public Opinion Polls

Still More Slots

The Astrodome

Gettysburg Casino

Casinos and Promises

Gaming and Gambling

The Natives are Restless

Do Indian Tribes Have to Tell the Truth?

The Row Boat

A Guy Named Redfern

Indian Tribes and Ohio

The Casino Bandwagon

Lottery Looting

Trump's Troubles

Cops and Robbers

Football and Gambling

Christmas Eve

How Close?

Is it Over?

Thanks for Voting

Election Day 04'

Election Eve


The Declaration and Islam

Feeling More Patriotic

Gambling Lobby

54 Million Dollar Question

30 Cents a Week

Lisa Beamer - A New Hero

Religious Fundamentalism

Gambling with Healthcare

Yule be a Winner

A New Shell Game

State-owned Casinos

Please Play Responsibly

Being Lied to - Again

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Losing Control

The Mob's Bank

In a Pickle

The Speaker's Plan

Lessons Learned in Court

Remember the Ohio Constitution

What If?

Casino's Return - Again

The Trap Door

Thank You Governor Taft

Casino Victory

Blessing Bill

Lessons from the Convenience Store

Casino Corruption

Casinos are back - again

Racetrack Casinos - the Rational

On a Napkin

Casino Battle Update

Robert Walgate, Jr.

Art Schlichter

Art Linkletter at 90

Behind the Scenes

The McCain Affair

Two Major Issues

The Pledge of Allegiance I

The Pledge of Allegiance II

No Christmas for Ohio Children

Lottery Suit - Round 1

Good Government Gambling

Corruption and the Lottery

Getting Struck Twice

Highway to Perdition

Bible in School

The Mob in the Statehouse

Ohio Lotto Christmas

Lorraine Moskal

Householder Strikes Again

Global Lottery

One for Three

House Casino Caucus

Lottery Lawsuit

Banning Mealtime Prayer

Lottery Lawsuit Update

Gambling Scandal in Ohio

Super Bowl 2002

Changing the Constitution

Indian Casinos on the Way I

Expert Losers

A Curious Commercial

Me First the Politicians Cry

The Angry Majority

Dead Gambling Measures

Another Lottery Heist

Judge Hogan and the Lottery Trial

All About the Money

Doing the Paperwork

The Shell Game

Canadian Lotto Deaths

Indian Casinos on the Way II

Gambling Liabilities

The Designer of The Ohio State Alumni Flag

Robbing Little Old Ladies

Smoking & Teens

State Gambling Addictions

Too Many Casinos

Who Gambling Really Hurts

Wild West Still Lives

Ohio Lottery - A Reason for Opposition

When Gambling Takes Over

Least Friendly Place on Earth

Casinos Are Back - Legalizing Gambling in Ohio Again?

Lottery Credit Cards

Casino Advertisements

Leave It To Beaver

Casinos I 1998

Casinos II 1998

Casinos/Minnesota (Part 3)

Casinos and Kids: A Deadly Mix Again

Debartolo and Casinos

Casinos/Minnesota (Part 1)


Casinos/Minnesota (Part 2)

Voting Day 2002

Casinos/Minnesota (Part 4)

Casinos - Muscling Congress

Casinos - OUT - Louisiana

Riverboat Riddle

Deadly Hide & Seek

CNN At It Again - CNN Media Bias

Do You Feel Lucky?

Gambling & The Homeless

Gambling Fever - Is There a Cure?

Gaming Value

Giving Ohio Back to the Indians

Las Vegas: The Shadow Capitol - Part 1

Las Vegas: The Shadow Capitol - Part 2

American Dream Revisited

Station Thank You

Teenage Rites of Passage

Casinos - Detroit Precedent

The Lotto in Your House

HB 643 Lottery Expansion I

HB 643 Lottery Expansion II

Groceries and the Lottery

Lottery Fever?

Ohio Lottery - Hottest Month

Outrageous Stories of Election 2000

Whose Millennium?

Governor Edwin Edwards- Part 1

Governor Edwin Edwards- Part 2

Fisher Ames on Democracy

Casino Gambling Round III

Why the Lottery Doesnt Work

Gambling Expansion

Scratch Tickets

Election 2000 - What we have learned

How to Play the Lottery

Is America Heading in the Right Direction?

A Christmas Carol

Heal Our Land

Jordan Management Consultants

The Michael New Story

Overcoming Evil

Thanks for Giving

Internet Lottery

Lunch or The Ohio Lottery

The Casino Game is Back

Is "Love Thy Neighbor" Still Legal?

Geauga Lake and the Lottery

Are Gambling Addicts Dangerous?

Ohio Lottery: Too Much Success?

Should Everybody Play the Lottery?

Lottery Poison / Alabama

Lottery & Retirement

Voice Mail

Voter Registration is Key

The Most Important Vote

Pennsylvania Primary I

The Pennsylvania Primary II

Gambling and Schools

Recapturing Dollars

It Might Happen in Miami

The Indians are Coming

The Barry Lynn Debate II

Seeing the Truth About Marriage

72,000 Strong

The Vote

The Lottery: A Big Time Loser

Lotto Links

The Case for A Creator

Marriage or Divorce

You State Lawmakers

King of Video Poker

Rick Peirce's Miracle

Truman the Reader

Early Christmas Present

Seperation of God and State?

The ACLU and Polygamy

Ohio Lost Lottery Ticket

Presidents' Day

The Battle Over Marriage

The President Joins the Fight

The Barry Lynn Debate III

Mass. Marriage Convention

Wasting Time/ The FMA

How the News is Made

Pre-Fraud Florida

The West Virginia Gambling Boss

King and King

April Fools


The Passion

The Declaration and the Media

Gay Marriage is Working

Outsourcing the Declaration

Hurricane Charley Relief

Matt Daniels Making a Difference

The Silly Season I

The Silly Season II

The Deadline

The "H" Word

Hurricane Charley

What are they Doing Here?

The Consent of the Governed

Facts for Change

USA Voter: A Pulpit Perspective

USA Voter: School Board Races

Three States?

Our 80 Year Old Friend

Duck Season

Can Tribes Take Back Ohio?

The MAD Banquet

Chads 2004

The Strip Club Vote

Felons for America


FMA-The Move to the House

Pennsylvania Casino Loss

Whose State?

Decision Day for Massachusetts

The Aftermath

Why Roundtable is Different

Casinos - Bankruptcies Expanding

Welcome to Pennsyl-Vegas

chuck colson

Spies in your Congregation

Judges and Boyscouts

Just the Facts

Soros and Lewis

Donald is Broke

Crumbling Foundations

Gambling Dominoes

Is Christmas Dangerous?

The Ohio Strategy

A Problem in Botkins

Botkins Brewing

The Botkins Irony

Ohio Reads

Pledge of Allegiance: ILLEGAL

Fragile Nevada

Overturning the Pledge

Did we get it Wrong?

Robbing Girl Scouts

Anti-war Movement

The Twilight Zone

The Treasurer's Addiciton

Megamillions and the Lottery

Our Kids and the Racetracks

Casino County Fair

The Pledge Appeal

The Casino Monopoly

Internet Gambling

Gambling's Costs Outweigh Benefits Judicial Races

Top 10 Reasons

24 Hours to Election Day

2002 Election Day

Did you Vote Yesterday

How Nevada went Broke

The David Williams Story

Paying for College

The Third Wave

Casinos Surrender for 2002

Were you Scammed?

A Daughter's Request

Original, Extra Crispy or a Lawsuit

Hats off to the Salvation Army

Is the Truth on the Table?

B Grade Movie

Harrah's Secret 3

Lessons from the Barbershop

Words from the Track

Remembering 9-11

The Witch in North Carolina

The Pepsi Challenge

Behind Closed Doors

2003 Banquet in Review

Theme: Gangster

Harrah's Secret 2

Ten Commandments

Pulling a Fast One

It's All About the Money

Maine and Colorado

Off-Off Election Year

Election Day 2003

No Chads, No Worries

Supreme Court Races

Harrah's Secret 1

Removing the 10 Commandments

Homecoming Parade

Children at Risk

Making Friends Rich

Another Casino Casualty

The Lie in Columbus

Islamic Values

Is Grandma Hooked?

Ten Commandments III

When No One is Listens

Ten Commandments II

One TV Commercial

10 Commandments Immoral

Casino Gambling Loses

Robert McCloskey

Casinos Fail in PA and OH

Deep Fried Twinkies

The Boy Scouts Hit Again

Fairly High Stakes

The Great Debate

The Public Square
Long Format Program
Total Programs: 45

The God Win Moment
April 28, 2017

The Case Against Kasich
April 02, 2016

Football and Public Policy
October 02, 2015

March 20, 2015

Are You Crazy?
December 06, 2013

Leadership 2012: The Hidden Hand
October 19, 2012

The Corruption is Now Complete
June 08, 2012

Eating the Mouse
January 06, 2012

Chasing Big Foot
October 28, 2011

A is for Anarchy
October 21, 2011

Remembering America: An Interview with Ron Maxwell
September 17, 2010

Anger Management
April 17, 2010

Trashing Even Gettysburg
February 20, 2010

The Real Campaign Trail
October 31, 2009

Deliver Us from Evil
October 10, 2009

Suing the Government
September 05, 2009

Casino Gambling: Killing Kids
June 02, 2008

The Red Balloon
May 19, 2008

The 'S' Word
May 13, 2008

Lyle's Ohio Now
May 12, 2008

Jumping Off A Bridge - Part II
April 08, 2008

Jumping Off A Bridge - Part I
April 07, 2008

Teachers and Slots
March 31, 2008

Governor Strickland's Bad Bet
February 15, 2008

An Update on Florida's Tribal- State Compact/Ft.Collins, CO
December 07, 2007

Back to Hollywood with Larry Poland/Tribal Sovereignty
November 22, 2007

The Public Square Goes Hollywood: Interview with Larry Poland
November 14, 2007

Victory at the Statehouse
November 01, 2007

An Update on Gambling in Ohio and Florida
October 15, 2007

Tribal Gaming Expansion in Ohio and Florida
September 24, 2007

Gambling Scandals in Ohio and Florida
September 13, 2007

Gambling and Retirement
August 16, 2007

Gambling's Consequences - An Interview with Art Schlichter
August 03, 2007

The Lima Court Scandal
July 19, 2007

Tribal Sovereignty Across the Nation
July 12, 2007

Youth and Gambling
June 28, 2007

Political Corruption
June 21, 2007

Real Economics
June 13, 2007

Helping Compulsive Gamblers
May 24, 2007

Day 2: Interview with Art Schlichter
May 23, 2007

Day 1: Interview with Art Schlichter
May 22, 2007

The Ohio Gambling Proposal
May 11, 2007

Stem Cell Update/Seminole Indians & Tribal Sovereignty
March 23, 2007

The Biggest Gambling Addict: Government
March 14, 2007

Recovering from Gambling Addiction
March 13, 2007