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Reasons: War on Iraq - Info on the War in Iraq
We ask the question, "What are the reasons for the War in Iraq?" to Sadam Hussein's (former) top military advisor General Georges Sada.  Information gathered by the American Policy Roundtable

General Georges Sada: Biography
Georges Hormis Sada graduated from Iraq's Air Academy in 1959 and was trained by elite forces in Great Britain, Russia and the U.S.  An Ace fighter pilot who trained other pilots, he went on to become air vice marshal in Saddam Hussein's military.  His acts of bravery, including saving the lives of forty downed coalition pilots in the  Gulf War, have earned him hero status.

Now retired, Sada is director of the Iraqi Institute for Peace and also serves as spokesman for the newly elected prime minister of Iraq.  A recipient of the prestigious International Prize for Peace and Reconciliation presented by the bishop of Coventry, England, Sada is also the president of the National Presbyterian Church in Baghdad and chairman of the Assembly of Evangelical Presbyterian Churches - Iraq. 
Source: Saddam's Secrets, by General Georges Sada

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Special Interview With General Georges Sada

Day 1: Interview With General Georges Sada

Day 2: Interview With General Georges Sada

Day 3: Interview With General Georges Sada

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The Solutions To Iraq War: Facts on War in Iraq
Taken from - Day 3: Interview with General Georges Sada, The Public Square, May 16, 2007

Around the table:
David Zanotti, President and CEO of the American Policy Roundtable
Rob Walgate, Vice President of the American Policy Roundtable
Pastor Jeff Sanders, director of the Shepherd's Staff
With special guest General Georges Sada

Sanders: God is in control of our schedules and our nations...

Zanotti: ....You likened General Sada as a modern day Daniel....

Sada: I love my country. I love my people. And until this moment we have 1,000,200 Christians in Iraq....The first election that happened, it was the first time in the history of this country that 88 women to be elected in the parliament from 275 seats...

Zanotti: The first election, after the war, with a free Iraq, right?

Sada: Yeah. It had a 71.5%/72% [turnout]

Zanotti: We rejoiced at that.

Sada: Of course!...[But] These people [Iraqis] they tried to kill each other and every one, from there and between is falling back to fight

Zanotti: They’ve fallen back to revenge, you say.

Sada: Revenge and hatred, backward to the battle of Karbala. Which happened 1,400 years ago.

Is this a internal, Muslim civil war?

Sada: Yes

Zanotti: This is between Shiite and Sunnis?

Sada: Yes

Zanotti: Help people understand, why do they hate each other?

Sada: Ah, I will tell you why. This goes to the day when the prophet of Islam, Mohammed died. The Shiites, Amman Ali, who is the cousin of Prophet Mohammed, was supposed to be the first Karloff . But the other group, those who possessed the land, and the money and the material. They said, “No. You will not be the first Karloff. The first Karloff will be Abu Meeker, and then Omar.” From that time the fight started between these two groups.

Zanotti: And the power struggle started then. And it’s still be fought out today

Sada: ‘Til this moment. And it’s now becoming more severe – more severe.

Zanotti: General, the American media says that we’re caught in a quagmire of a
civil war and the only answer is for us to get out – and let those people kill themselves, they can’t handle democracy. What do you think of that?

Sada: Well let me tell you what I think of that. I will make this thing very clear, because it’s very important. Of course,
my heart bleeds everyday, when I hear one American [soldier] is killed. Because, to be very frank – for the security of Iraq – one American should be not killed. It is Iraqis who should deal that issue. And if there is someone to die, for security it should be an Iraqi. If it should be hundreds to die – it should be Iraqis. If it should be thousands to die – it should be Iraqis. No American should die for the security of Iraq. The Americans have done a great, great, great job to liberate the country from a brutal dictator regime. But after that, the Americans are not supposed to die, but they are supposed to enjoy what a great job they have done.

But, how to do it? You see,
if we say, “Let these forces get away,” like some Americans are thinking. Of course, that would be another bloodshed, another bloodbath – it would be a disaster. It should not be done like that. But, let me tell you – there should be no one that says that Americans should withdraw.

Walgate: Sure

Everybody wants America out. Iraq wants America out. I want America out. The question is: how?

Well the Americans have done a great job training the people. They have trained about over 350,000 people in security forces. I believe another 2-3 months, they should complete some
training. And they should seriously make the Iraqis to take the responsibility. I know it will be a bit difficult. I know some people will be killed. But, it is the time that the Americans can withdraw – according to a good plan – without giving a timetable for it. You see, to give a timetable for it is such a crime. Because you are telling your enemy so-and-so that I’m getting back. That’s not right.

Zanotti: Alright General, quick question – can the Iraqi people handle freedom?

Sada: Uh, well you see
freedom is not easy. The Iraqi people are not – are not - prepared to handle freedom and democracy immediately. We will need a lot of time.

Sanders: You need time to learn it

Sada: Yes sir. We need time to learn it. And I always told them in 2004, we started the first child to be in the school and to teach him freedom and democracy. So that guy should grow and become 18 years, 20 years, only then, will we have the first generation of free Iraqis. It is not a “One night, and then the next day.” …democracy and freedom, it is not immaterial to be put in a basket and be given to the nation and the nation will become democratic and free. No. It is a teaching process. It is time. And it is how to handle it. It is a great responsibility.

Walgate: I think that’s one thing that we lose sight of, is that we have people [in America] that don’t understand the concept of freedom…
I know I have a hard time grasping the concept of freedom.

Zanotti: ...We all want out, but we want the right thing for Iraq?

Sada:…The first thing I’ll tell you, I want here to make something clear, it is the safety and security of America…I can never forget what America has done to me. They are the people who have trained me and put me in this very high standard of flying. And all my life I was very well respected in my country and other countries because of my training I had in America. So, you see, security and safety of Americans and America should be not politicized. I can find many time between America, between Americans this issue is politicized. Of course
every body of us hearts bleed when one American is killed. But remember, these professionals of America have been sent to go for a holy cause – it is to go and fight the terrorists. Let me make it very clear: the terrorists have declared war against goodness. And the goodness is America. It is a battle between good and evil. And these terrorists – you should not wait for them to come to the boundaries of your home, and then fight them. That would be too late. You must go after them – wherever they are. That’s what America did. So the decision for the Americans to go after the terrorists where there are – it was the right decision and in the proper time.

Zanotti: General, are we still fighting terrorists in Iraq today?

Sada: Yes. In a way you are still fighting terrorists. But, now I will give you some good news. Now, in Anbar province, which it was a very, very violent province, and a lot of insurgency was going there. Now the heads of the tribes…they have now started fighting Al Qaeda themselves. And they are doing a great job. With the Americans, they start fighting. And this is actually what is supposed to happen.
The Iraqis themselves, they should not let the terrorists into their country, because they are destroying Iraq….and then America can do the next job, the reconstruction and building and making Iraq politicized. But this chance is not given and everyone is busy with security.

Zanotti: Have you taken this message to the White House?

Sada: Well I have been in the White House many times…yes I have said all this and I have even given a proposal of how to do this…There are many ideas, American journalists have many ideas. But I have always thought like this:
A good Iraqi general is much better to deal with the issues of Iraq then an American general. I know the American general is great, I know the American general is educated, but believe me…

Zanotti: Sometimes we think…that in this country there are no good Iraqis left. We’re told that it’s a civil war and that they’re all crazy and we should just get away from them – they’re all crazy.

Walgate: That’s what the media portrays a lot of times.

Zanotti: General you say that
there are good people in Iraq?

Sada: Oh yes. Let me tell you – the country is full of good people. But the situations haven’t let anybody select these people at the proper time and put them in the proper place. This religious and denomination issue…this is not going to lead us to peace. I believe that ministers and generals and everybody should not belong to the parties, or religions, denomination, to give the mission to these people, with the help of America from distance.
I am sure, something great will happen in their country.

Zanotti: So if we keep helping-

Sada: Yeah

Zanotti: …And we keep
moving toward right principles of government for Iraq, you believe that there are enough Iraqis that will stick with it?

Sada: Yes sir.

Zanotti: Are the terrorists going to win?

Sada: No,
terrorists will never win. I am sure that we are going to win. America is going to win against the terrorists against the terrorists in Iraq. And the Iraqis are going to win. There is no home for the terrorists. It will take time, yes. But I am sure that terrorism will be defeated in this country…

Zanotti: …So you’re there for the long haul?

Sada: Yes. It is my home. Where I go…..

Zanotti: We know, we have a whole knew vision for Iraq….This is a spiritual battle, isn’t it?

Sada: And let me tell you, the
American believers have done a great job in Iraq
. Now we have got churches – many churches…

Zanotti: We’ve got churches in the midst of a Muslim civil war?

Sada: Yes. 1,560 people [in this church]. And this is the first time in history, I talk to the Prime Minister and they give me a permission to build a church for the Muslims who converted to the Christians….

Sanders: …We have to really interrupt here, just for a minute. This is a continuation of the book of Jonah. Jonah records the greatest revival in the history of the world…and Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus, went to Iraq and he was the one who evangelized this nation. So I think it’s fair to say that God’s heart is for Iraqi people.

Zanotti: And this man, General Georges Sada, was born in Nineveh....Is a revival possible?

Sada: Sure. It has already started…

Zanotti: Let me ask you, what can Christians in America do to help that revival?

Sada: Well the Christians should really continue…in touch…with the Christians in Kurdistan…The freedom of religion is there…

Let me switch one more geo-political question,...what do you think of Iran?

Sada:… This is actually the main issues for these days. You see, things are developing in Iran. Things are developing in the Middle East. And that is why the American plans should also develop. You see the Americans are always talking about, “Going to war! Going to War! And we’re losing”. No. There is something bigger that is coming….I think disaster is coming to happen if America is not going to put great attention to the Middle East…

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