Samuel Armas
Samuel Armas
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There is a picture you have to see - picture that may define reality and change your life. Maybe by now you've heard about this picture. It is pretty graphic and might not be something for kids to see. But the picture is both amazing and real.

It is a picture of Samuel Armas. Actually a picture of little Sam holding his doctors hand. But little Samuel has not yet been born. He was only 21 weeks old at the time.

Doctors were performing an amazing in utero surgery to limit the impact of spinal bifida on this preborn child. As the doctors surgically reached inside the womb to repair Sam's spine - his tiny hand reached out and embraced the doctors finger. The surgery was so sensitive that the doctors were heard telling their staff to stay quiet and not wake the baby.

The surgery went well and chances are very good the young Sam will make it. He may even see the day when he gets to shake that surgeons hand again.

I've seen the picture. It is the most compelling case for unborn life yet made. Without a single word being spoken - Young Samuel Armas and his loving mother are sending a message to the world.

Sam is only 21 weeks old. Old enough to be sick. Old enough to be healed. Old enough to be loved, and old enough to hold the hand of one who could save his life or end it.

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