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Dawkins Surrenders Even More
Friday, July 16, 2010

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Dawkins Surrenders Even More

Richard Dawkins has sold a lot of books on atheism.
He really does not like Biblical thought.
Ask him and he'll tell you exactly what he thinks of God.

He was featured in Ben Steins' movie, Expelled. Afterwards he wrote a blog condemning the movie, Ben Stein, the producers and everyone else he is angry with. 

He was particularly peeved because the film made the historical link between Darwin's doctrines and Nazism. Dawkins challenges the link, though history proves the linkage is real. Then he goes on to make this statement:

"As I have often said before, as a scientist I am a passionate Darwinian. But as a citizen and a human being, I want to construct a society which is about as un-Darwinian as we can make it. I approve of looking after the poor (very un-Darwinian). I approve of universal medical care (very un-Darwinian)."

I found this quote nothing short of amazing. Richard Dawkins, the world's most read Darwinian atheist, does not want to live in atheistic, Darwinian world. 

I guess that means Darwinian atheism is fine for selling books, teaching in school and running a website. But the world Darwin would make is no world to live in, even for the world's most famous atheist. 

Dawkins Surrenders Even More - May 30th, 2008

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