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Thoughts for Dawkins
Thursday, October 02, 2008

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The Public Square - Praying for Enemies
If you were an atheist – would you live by it?

Every now and then I think back to the big moments in the ongoing debate over Intelligent Design. That’s a very big debate in the world of public policy. You see, if there is no Creator, no Intelligent Designer, then the American Declaration of Independence, and the whole purpose clause of America truly loses its meaning.

So I think a lot about the rise of the new atheism and leaders like Richard Dawkins of Oxford.

And when I do I cannot forget one of the most amazing statements he ever made. He was responding to Ben Stein’s movie “Expelled”. He was quite angry that Stein had made such an effective linkage between the Darwinian worldview of Hitler and the Holocaust.

In a blog, Dawkins made a very clear case that while he was an evolutionist in his science, he certainly did not want a world run upon evolutionary doctrines. He clearly noted that such an evolutionary world would have no real reason for policies of compassion, especially for the poor or infirmed.

In other words, Professor Dawkins readily admits Evolution is a wonderful theory for the science lab and the publishing world. But evolution alone cannot build a world suitable for compassion and human understanding. It just doesn’t work.

That is a very big admission – a very big moment in the debate over intelligent design.

You can learn more about this debate by visiting Dr. Chuck McGowen's blog On Intelligent Design.

To hear Dr. Richard Weikart, author of From Darwin to Hitler, on The Public Square please click here

Thoughts for Dawkins- A Consistent Worldview - October 2nd, 2008

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