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Thoughts for Dawkins - Narnia Tale
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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The Public Square - Praying for Enemies
In The Chronicles of Narnia – there was always a time for telling of stories of the past. Do you have a story?

So what is your story? Are you the same person you were five years ago, or twenty-five years ago. I was in a church leadership meeting in Orlando a while ago and the pastors invited their leadership teams to talk about one thing that has changed in their lives because of Jesus  Christ.

What followed was nothing short of Narnian. By the end of the hour – a white board was full of stories of miracles and changed lives. Stories of addictions broken, marriages healed, meaningful relationships restored, families rebuilt and healthy again. Stories of skepticism, anger, abuse, and hatred turned to light.

The stories were simple, short and true. One woman stood up and struggled through tears. “My son was killed by a drunk driver. The boy driving the car that killed my son was my sister’s boy – my nephew.” For a moment the room stood still. Through tears she smiled and said – “But its OK now.”

OK because of Jesus.

I couldn’t help thinking – where is Richard Dawkins when you need him. You remember Professor Dawkins is the world’s most publicized atheist. I looked at that white board filled with true stories of transformation and thought – I wish Richard Dawkins were here to see this.

Thoughts for Dawkins- Narnia Tales - September 30th, 2008

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