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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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Ever felt like you were walking into a Norman Rockwell painting?
The cornfields were as green as could be in the setting sun. The birds were still singing. The crickets were just beginning their evening concert. The temperature was perfect.

I was in a little town called Wilmington
I went there to pray for a city under siege. 

This town voted the best small town in America back in 1995, is now under attack by the gambling industry. A few casino speculators and a world champion poker player want to build a massive casino complex smack in the middle of a Norman Rockwell painting. 

It's just plain ugly to think about.
So a few of us stood on the ground and prayed, quietly, without fanfare or notice.

The next day we met with about thirty city leaders. 
They gathered together under a tent at the local greenhouse about a mile from the casino property. 

They had read the proposed law that would bring a casino to their town. They had printed brochures and were walking door-to-door to alert everyone in Wilmington of the danger. 

They looked at the numbers and saw the raw deal. They calculated the addiction statistics and realized that a few thousand of their neighbors were going to get in real trouble with this casino. They have decided it is time to fight.

Will thirty citizens in a little town called Wilmington succeed against the casino barons?
Will others around the country rally to their cause and help?

Or will one of the best small towns in America become one more notch on the belt of the casino industry? 

The town and the people are real. The story is true. You can learn more about Wilmington here.

Wilmington - August 5th, 2008

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