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Getting Smarter by Blogs
Wednesday, January 06, 2010

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Getting Smarter by Blogs

Ever thought you could go to medical school online?

If you are a physician or on the state medical board, relax.
We're just kidding about going to medical school online.

But what if you could learn from a doctor who has taught in medical school every week?
What if you could learn about microbiology, the human body, and an amazing perspective on the intelligent design of the universe?

Every week at you can log on and read an article from Dr. Chuck McGowen.  

Every week Dr. McGowen writes on a series of subject from medical and physical science. His presentations are the stuff you'd hear in medical college, just a bit simpler with no homework assignments.  

Just click here to learn more.

Dr. Chuck McGowen's blogs are just one of the many educational benefits you can gain from regular visits to Every week, thousands of people across the nation and the world are logging on and learning more. 

You can listen to today's broadcast right here, as well as hear an extended discussion with our full panel everyday on The Public Square®. 

The Public Square® is brought to you as a service of the American Policy Roundtable. Founded in 1980, the Roundtable is funded every month by good people like you.

Getting Smarter by Blogs - January 6th, 2010

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