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Dawkins Surrenders
Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Dawkins Surrenders

The world's best selling atheist, Richard Dawkins, is conceding quite a bit these days. 
You'd sort of expect a leading spokesperson for Darwinian evolution to have an answer as to how life began, right?

I mean after all, the whole debate is about origins and the Darwinians and their elders in the atheist movement are absolutely certain there is no God, no Creator, and no intelligent Designer who could have possibly started all of this. Isn't that what the debate is all about?  A Darwinian, atheistic worldview with no room for God, especially at the point of origin?

Ben Stein asked Richard Dawkins about these things in the movie Expelled. Professor Dawkins was forthright in his answer that he does not know how life began. He does not know how the origin of the first cells began. He does not know where the elements came from to create the process of life. He and his Darwinian colleagues simply don't know.

How refreshing. For years, the Darwinians attacked Christians as Know-Nothings when it came to the question of origins. They accused theistic scientists of defaulting to the "God of the gaps". In other words, plugging God into any hole that evidence could not fill.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, as Professor Dawkins and his friends finally admit they have no clue how life began.  But they are certain, however it began, it must have been through some evolutionary process. No evidence required. Just plug Darwin into the gaps where there is no evidence.

Go team!

If you have not seen the movie Expelled may I encourage you to do so? On TV, via rental or DVD, get a copy and listen to the debate for yourself.

You can keep track of this fascinating discussion every week by clicking here.

Dawkins Surrenders - May 29th, 2008

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