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Spelling Evolution in Florida
Friday, January 18, 2008

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Is this a Presidential campaign or am I back in High School again

How do you spell evolution in Florida? 
Hi this is Dave Zanotti. WeÕll talk about it today on TPS. 

Spelling Evolution, or more appropriately said, Spellings on Evolution. ThatÕs the way the story came out of the Sunshine State. Recently US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings was in Tallahassee where the debate is underway over new state science standards for all public schools. The Secretary was asked if she had a position on evolution being required in Florida state science standards. Her answer was a simple, ÒNo, I donÕt.Ó 

To which all of us on The Public Square¨ would like to say thank you to US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. She answered the question correctly. The federal government has absolutely no constitutional role or authority on the question of school curriculum for American children. DonÕt take my word for it. Look it up yourself in the US Constitution. I politely double-dog dare you to do so. 

In fact, if we were being truly honest with ourselves, we would admit that historically the role of state government is highly suspect when it comes to dictating curriculum for the millions of children in FloridaÕs classrooms. In the old days those decisions were made by parents and taxpayers through their locally elected school boards.  

ItÕs a fair question to ask—was public education better back in the day when local control was real, especially over classroom content? 

Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and a score of states are facing these questions on education and curriculum. If you would like to keep up with the debate please visit us today at aproundtable. Every day we hold a longer conversation on subjects just like this one.

Spelling Evolution in Florida - January 18th, 2008

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