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Meeting Mr. Dawkins Part II
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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The Public Square - Meeting with Mr. Dawkins Part II
Why bother debating the faith?

So why should anyone be interested in meeting or listening to the current ranking most famous atheist in the Western world? Why would the Roundtable spend time and money covering the debate on radio and broadcasting it nationwide? What is the connection between a debate over the book, The God Delusion, and the work of the American Policy Roundtable. A few journalists asked that question as we broadcast the God Delusion debate from Birmingham, Alabama.

If Dr. Dawkins is right, and there is no God, then America is in real trouble. You see, the very founding of this nation in the Declaration of Independence boldly declares there is a God who created us all. It goes farther to declare this as a self-evident truth. Our rights, according to this document, do not come from government or science, or Charles Darwin. They come from a uniquely personal God.

So if Professor Dawkins is right and God is simply an outdated delusion, the very premise of the Declaration of Independence is equally a delusion. This makes the US Constitution, which is equally constructed from a Biblical worldview, equally delusional. The God of the Bible is a vital element of the American equation of civil government. If you take God out of the equation, you can only expect a very different America to result.

So if Dr. Dawkins is right, and what he advocates is the new doctrine taught throughout all our schools and universities, you can expect a very different government in Washington D.C. and very soon. Ideas have consequences.

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Meeting Mr. Dawkins Part II - October 10th, 2007



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