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Who is Really Giving?
Friday, August 15, 2008

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The Public Square - Who is Really Giving?

So who gives more in America—rich people or the working poor?

Arthur Brooks is a college professor at Syracuse. He wrote a book titled “Who Really Cares?” The book is an exhaustive study of who really gives to charity in America.

We had the chance to talk to Dr. Brooks about his book and his studies.

What a fascinating conversation we had. This man truly knows what is happening in America. His work has become the subject of several major media reports including a special report on ABC News.

Dr. Brooks found out that people in America who work for a living, even the most modest living, are the most generous Americans by far. He discovered Americans are by far the most giving people in the world. And he discovered that people who go to church give a lot more than people who don’t.

Now giving doesn’t make you a better person than someone who doesn’t give. But it does make you happier. That’s what the extensive research proves.

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Who is Really Giving? - August 15th, 2008



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