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Tired of Politics?
Friday, August 08, 2008

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The Public Square - Florida Election - Tired of Politics?

Tired of politics?

Me too.

So what if we just left the mess for someone else to clean up?

The other day a friend told me, “We don’t do much with politics around here. We get a little interested every four years. Other than that we just live our lives.”

Wouldn’t that be lovely? To live off the land of liberty, make money, enjoy your family, church and hobbies, and pay no attention at all to what is happening in Washington or the State Capitol?

Baseball games, concerts, movies, birthdays, church outings, time with the neighbors, vacations. Just think of all the time for church and mission work around the world.

There is just one small problem. Life doesn’t work that way in the American system of government. Here, Liberty is a gift. Each generation is given Liberty and the form to sustain it through a representative, constitutional government. So if you check out of the process, the hole left by your absence will be filled by someone else. Maybe a good person with high ideals or maybe a person with an agenda hostile to everything you believe.

And you won’t know what is going on most of the time. You’ll try to catch up every four years or so on Election Day. But the other guys, the one making decisions for you, they will be the ones deciding the candidates you get to vote on. 

And since you are not paying attention, chances are real good no matter whom you vote for, their candidate will win.

Edmund Burke said it so very long ago. “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” It’s still true today.

Then there is that commandment about loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.
Sort of makes ignoring politics a pretty iffy proposition.

Sorry for the reality check. The load is a lot lighter if we share it together.

Tired of Politics? - August 8th, 2008



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