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Praying in Jesus Name - Public Prayer
Friday, December 14, 2007

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The Public Square Radio Broadcast - Remember Samuel Armas? What started as a simple prayer from the heart got one minister in hot water.  Keith Hamblin is a pastor.  An honest man trying to live out his faith in Lima, Ohio. He pastors a Protestant Bible-teaching church and leads a Christian School.

His state representative invited Pastor Keith to the Statehouse to lead the House in an opening prayer. The Pastor prayed from his heart, briefly and sincerely.
He started with the words of the Lord’s prayer and asked God to grant member wisdom for their tasks of the day. He quoted a few Scriptures and closed his prayer, as most Christians do, in the name of Jesus.

By the time he looked up – the Democrat State Party Chairman had stormed off the floor in protest. The media was waiting and within 24 hours a controversy erupted.

It seems some people consider praying in Jesus name a major offense. They took great issue with Pastor Keith in the press. The Speaker’s office chastised the Pastor as well and threatened to end opening prayers.

All of this sounds a lot like Indiana where a federal judge recently issued an order banning prayer in the State Assembly if that prayer was made in the name of Jesus.

This, friends, is a very dangerous trend in public policy. There is not a very far leap from public prayer to public speech. There are people in this country who want to ban any public expression of the name of Jesus or His Gospel. They have friends in the Courts, the media, and in the Statehouse.

Are you ready to surrender your religious liberty?  To learn more about this story and the attempts to destroy religious liberty in America please click here. And listen to the full 30 minute discussion with Pastor Keith Hamblin here.

Praying in Jesus Name  - June 5th, 2007



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