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Listener Response
Friday, March 24, 2006

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Listener Response

Listener response. Hi, this is Dave Zanotti. Let’s talk for a moment about this radio station, the one you are listening to right now, here on The Public Square.

How do you get a broadcast like The Public Square on the radio and keep it there for 17 straight years? The answer is simple: The Grace of God and the help of some very fine station managers and radio stations across the country.

This station—the one you are listening to right now, is one of those very special operations.

The other day we stopped to visit the Faith Radio studios in Tallahassee, Florida. We did a live interview for about thirty minutes in the morning. By the time I got off the air there were five phone calls waiting from listeners who all called just to tell me how much they appreciate hearing The Public Square every day. One local businessman heard we were at WFRF and cancelled his morning plans and drove to the station. He came just to shake hands and say “thanks” for the broadcast.

If you go on the website of WFRF, Faith Radio, in Tallahassee, you will see an amazing ministry that is changing lives all over the world. That’s just one example of the effective work being done by stations like this one every single day.

We are big fans of these radio stations and we appreciate the fact that you support them with your prayers and contributions. We do to.

There are a lot of places The Public Square is not welcome. Some stations are still afraid of political controversy. Some will not air this broadcast unless we pay them premium dollars. As a faith-based broadcast, we just won’t do that with your contributions.

So we are grateful for every dollar you give, every station that cares enough to broadcast this program and every listener who prays and thinks through these daily broadcasts.

If you haven’t looked in on this radio station lately, may we encourage you to do so?

Check out their website. Stop by and visit. Drop them a note. The folks who bring you this broadcast are making a real difference in this world.  

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Listener Response - March 24th, 2006

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