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Things You Can't Say on the Radio
Monday, March 20, 2006

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Things You Can't Say on the Radio

There are some things you just can’t say on the radio.

Station managers won’t let you. Or lawyers won’t let you. Or time just won’t permit the discussion.

So, we have another way—the old fashioned way.

You can read about those things in the American Policy Roundtable Newsletter.

Every edition begins with a section called “Behind the Headlines” and ends with a conversation titled, “The Back Porch”.

It just gives us more time to tell you what is going on behind the scenes in this missionary outreach in the field of public policy.

So if you would like to learn more about the issues you are facing at the ballot or about measures before the General Assembly, or what is going on with Roundtable in other states—you can just take a few minutes and read the newsletter.

Actually, we call it a monthly update because we send them out every month—have been for the past twenty years.

You can get a copy free of charge.

That’s right, we don’t charge for the newsletters or monthly updates or That doesn’t mean the information isn’t valuable. It means we have the faith to believe that if you get this material and it makes a difference then you will pass along a contribution so we can do the same for someone else.

So, to get your monthly update, just ask for copy here.

If you don’t like the internet you can call us at 1.800.522.VOTE. That’s right; we still take newsletter requests over the phone and send them out via the US Mail. Just call us at 1.800.522.VOTE

Yes, it is much more expensive than the internet. But again, we have the faith to believe that you’ll do what you can to cover those costs with a donation—of which we will spend to reach more people with that same newsletter.

So if you want to know the stuff we can’t say on the radio, you want to be on this mailing list. It’s yours for the asking.

One thing we know for certain—in over 25 years of service no one has ever written back and said the newsletter was boring.

Things You Can't Say on the Radio - March 20th, 2006

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