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Truly Losing Your Rights
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Truly Loosing Your Rights

You are truly losing your rights.

The frog in the pot is starting to boil.

For years we have all heard the story about the frog in the pot. Put him in a pot full of cold water and he stays. Heat the pot up slowly and he boils to death.

The politicians in Washington and the Statehouse have got us in a pot, and it’s really getting dangerous.

When Congress passed the McCain-Feingold Act lots of us were screaming that our civil rights to free speech were being trampled. Congress has no constitutional authority to silence political speech in the name of campaign finance reform. But who cares—they did it anyway and the Courts gave them a free pass.

But no one saw the true danger in McCain-Feingold.

Several states have now picked up this horrible idea and implemented it into state law. Now your rights to speak out on ballot issues are being stripped away. In Florida, for example, people and organizations have to register with the government and file piles of ridiculous reports if they want to speak out on ballot issues and constitutional amendments. 

We are not talking about candidate campaigns here. We are talking about subjects of public policy that can easily become ballot issues: gambling, abortion, term limits, finance reform, marriage—think of all the issues out there.

If you have to register with the government to speak out on these issues, to send letters, or print a few bumper stickers, how long will it be before people grow tired of the hassle and just stay home? 

In Florida, horrible laws now threaten to destroy free speech at election time. Congress is working on McCain II, to take away more of your rights.  

Or stay in the pot a little longer. They say you don’t feel much when the pot begins to boil.

Truly Loosing Your Rights - March 14th, 2006

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