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Florida Supreme Court and Vouchers
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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 The Public Square Radio Broadcast - Floroda Supreme Court and Vouchers

The US Supreme Court has upheld school vouchers. Will the Florida Supreme Court defy the highest court in the land and strike down the Florida plan?

Social liberals have an interesting advantage in American public policy. Because they are moral relativists and believe in no real absolutes, they don’t have to be logically consistent on the issues or strategies. They can change their arguments from day to day, and in the case of school vouchers that is exactly what they are doing.

We were on the front row of the US Supreme Court the day the school voucher case was heard. The ACLU and unions all wanted the Supreme Court to strike down a voucher plan the Ohio Supreme Court had clearly upheld.  The Court rejected the ACLU claims and upheld vouchers.

The ACLU and teachers unions were shocked. They could not believe the highest Court in the land would find no First Amendment problems with school vouchers going to private religious schools.

Now anti-school choice forces are hoping the Florida Supreme Court will defy the US Supreme Court and claim the Florida Constitution is superior to the US Constitution.

The exact opposite approach they took in their opposition to the Ohio voucher plan.

The bottom line is clear—this has nothing to do with the integrity of the Constitution or the separation of church and state. Anti-school choice forces will use any argument in any courtroom to stop school choice—because—they want the money.

School choice means parents can direct their education tax dollars—a notion the ACLU and teachers unions despise. It’s not about the kids or the Constitution—it’s about the money.

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Florida Supreme Court and Vouchers - June 15th, 2005

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