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Ohio Lotto Christmas

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Ohio Lottery Christmas

Ohio Lottery Christmas

Holly berries, mistletoe, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and the Ohio Lotto.

Here's a news flash, just in time for the upcoming holiday season the Ohio Lottery has decided to meet the needs of the citizens of this great state and take care of those little stocking stuffer problems by creating a super Ohio lotto game for $20 a ticket. You buy the ticket, you put it in the kid's stocking on Christmas morning they get to scratch it off and if they are really, really lucky they win $5. That's the new Ohio Lottery Christmas game. That's your state government at work.

You know what's really sad? To take on the greatest days of the year in of the western thought and history, the day of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and lock it up in a do nothing, go nowhere scam of a lottery ticket. That's what happens when state government becomes co-opted by the gambling industry, even common sense, common decency and respect for that which is holy goes out the window.

That's your Lottery Commission, that's your state government at work. If you're tired of it, if you're tired of the Ohio Lottery moving into every nook and cranny with their scam you can get informed, you can do something. You can visit our website today at and stay up on this very important issue. There you'll find names and addresses of people you can write, people you can contact and how you can find out where your candidates stand on the issues of expanding gambling.

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