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Corruption and the Lottery

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Corruption and the Lottery

Corruption and the Lottery

Corporate Corruption. Is it limited to the Boardroom?

Corruption is a word that now rides atop the headlines coast to coast. Everybody is talking about dishonesty in the boardrooms and the accounting offices across the land.

Recently an Ohio judge spent quite a few pages talking about corruption at the highest levels of the Ohio Government.

Judge Daniel Hogan, in his ruling regarding lottery expansion, made the point over and over again that prohibitions against gambling flow from a historic concern to prevent corruption in high places, especially in our government. Little wonder that Judge Hogan slapped down a major provision of the MegaMillions lottery bill passed by the Ohio General Assembly in late 2001.

The Judge rightly discerned that shifting money out of the education budget and into the general revenue fund was a shell game played by state lawmakers. This shell game is a direct violation of the wishes of the people of Ohio and the laws they passed back in 1987.

So why would lawmakers do such a thing? Why would they so clearly violate the law? Because gambling revenues are so easy to manipulate and they figured no one would ever dare take them to Court, and no judge would dare challenge their actions.

Funny how gambling money can cloud people's judgment, isn't it. To learn more about this law suit and this important policy initiative please visit us today at

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Lottery Suit Updates - Latest Press Release

Judge Hogan's Ruling

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