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Casino Corruption

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Mothers Day Banned

Casino Corruption in Government

They invested 6.2 million dollars in political candidates. And they expect something in return. Who are they?

In 1992 they gave 1.2 million to Congressional and Presidential candidates. In 1998 that number crossed over 6.2 million. From 1997 to 1999 they spent 22.5 million lobbying federal lawmakers. At the state level they have become one of the most active and aggressive contributors to legislative candidates. Sounds like big business. Maybe the auto companies, or big energy. Maybe the trade unions or teachers groups. No – none of the above.

The fastest growing power elite in America is the casino industry. All across the nation you will see their dollars and their lobbyists working to bend the political process in favor of more and more gambling. They try to buy their way into the process then turn the political game in their favor. They seldom lose.

Here in Ohio their influence is so dominant that a Republican led legislature is trying to plan a new casino gambling amendment on the fall ballot. This in spite of the fact that Ohioans have clearly rejected these measures time and time again.

So the question must be asked – who are the leaders in Columbus representing? The overwhelming majority of Ohioans that reject casino gambling? Or the handful of powerful companies that are trying to take Ohio deeper into casino gambling.

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