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Canada's Doctors Fleeing - How Has Health Care in Canada Changed

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Canada's Doctors Fleeing

Canada's Doctors Fleeing

Having trouble finding a good doctor? It could get worse.

Despite the huge debate over federalizing health care that happened throughout 1993 and '94...remember that? But Congress seems to have forgotten; they're at it again, tinkering with new federal guidelines that increase the authority of Washington, D.C., over your health care.

At the same time, reports are flowing out of Canada that further substantiate the pending collapse of the Canadian socialized medicine program. Specialists, GPs, family docs - they're deserting Canada in droves, totally disgusted with the socialist medical system.

There are only 55,000 doctors in Canada to start with. In 1994, 410 quit, most of them moving to the United States. This exile rate has doubled in the last five years. Why are the doctors leaving?

Well, it's not because of the money. The doctors are leaving because they are fed up with government regulations and bureaucracy. They are fed up with the lack of technology, such as MRI machines that are available for them to practice medicine with, and, most of all, the doctors object to not having the freedom to fully give their patients the best care possible.

Once again, we need to hear this warning. We need to look, and listen, and pay attention. Government involvement in health care is a very dangerous matter.

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