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Violence in Ohio Schools

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Ohioroundtable: The Public Square - Violence in Ohio Schools

Violence in Ohio Schools

Everyone has heard about Columbine but what about violence in schools right here in Ohio

Recently an entire Junior High was closed here in Ohio because the teachers staged a walkout. The issue was not pay or benefits. The issue was safety. The teachers were so frightened by the threats of student violence that they simply refused to go to work.

Another headline reads, "Westlake student fights principal, faces assault, drug rap." At South High in Cleveland the Mayor was forced to shut down the entire school and several students were arrested for an allegedly possessing guns and maps to be used to shoot up their school at homecoming.

Teaching is becoming a very, very dangerous profession. And when it comes to student violence the blame must come back to parents. Teachers cannot possibly deal with the onslaught of insane violent and destructive material being poured into the minds of today's teens. Day after day our young people are fed a steady diet of murderous music, videos, television, and feature films. Our culture is exponentially more violent and dangerous than it was a single generation ago. At the same time, teachers face more bureaucracy, rules, regulations, and ACLU lawsuits than ever before. Their hands are tied by their administration and by the fear of lawsuits from parents in denial.

Violence in schools starts in the homes. Here in Ohio the time has come for teachers to have a legal defense for refusing to teach a student that is threatening. Those kids ought to be removed from class, from school, and forfeit their right to a free public education. Then maybe their parent, parents, or guardians would think twice about whats going on between the headphones.

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