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The Public Square® - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 The Public Square - Praying for Enemies
Wayne Shepherd: Bailout – heard enough of that word lately? Hello, I’m Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti on The Public Square. Dave what’s so bad about government bailing out big companies in trouble?

Dave Zanotti: Wayne, maybe they should be bailing out you and me as well? After all, we have been having lots of trouble raising funds in this tough economy. Why shouldn’t they bail us out or bail out anyone who is in trouble.

Of course that would be impossible because there is no pot of money that big. But truth be told there is no pot of money at all. The government is actually bailing out companies by creating debt. And you and I are the ones who are going to pay that debt for generations to come.

But the problem gets even bigger. Our Constitution is very careful to talk about equal protection under the law. The idea is that neither Congress, nor the Courts, nor the President is supposed to be able to pick winners and losers in society. Our government is not supposed to fund some and deny others. Picking winners and losers is a distinctly anti-American practice.

It just cannot work. Example, first the big financial companies demanded a bail out. Now the auto companies are demanding a bail out. Who’s next – McDonalds? Aren’t they too big to fail? Nobody has served more hamburgers.

In the real world businesses succeed and they fail. It happens to every one of us at some level. That’s life. Government cannot change the reality – only pervert it for a period of time. In the end – this government perversion is going to cost us all far more than accepting our current failures.

Wayne Shepherd: You can learn more about liberty, free markets and your constitution every day at I’m Wayne Shepherd for the American Policy Roundtable on The Public Square.

Bailout - November 19th, 2008
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