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Boy Scouts Strike Out
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Boy Scouts Strike Out

How in the world could the Boys Scouts become the whipping boys of Congress, the President, and much of Washington DC?

The Boy Scouts—little freckled faced guys in short green pants and red kerchiefs. Tying knots, fishing trips, knapsacks and campfires—how on earth could such a program create a firestorm on Capitol Hill? But here  in the 21st century it has happened. The Boy Scouts are on the target list of the politically correct crowd in DC. Their offense? The Boy Scouts refuse on moral and constitutional grounds to permit homosexuals to become troop leaders.   Because of this stance the Boy Scouts have been sued in federal court.

The President has issued and executive order prohibiting federal agencies from assisting the boy scouts. Some members of Congress recently introduced legislation to strip the Boy Scouts of their federal charter. A charter first passed by Congress in 1916. The measure was soundly defeated, but close to sixty members refused to vote in support of the Boy Scouts.  And at the Democratic convention some delegates even booed the Boy Scout honor guard. All because the Boy Scouts refuse to reinterpret their commitment to stay morally straight.

Is all this a sign of the times? If the Boy Scouts are at risk of federal harassment due to their moral convictions can churches and synagogues be far behind?
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