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The Equality Ad Campaign Part I - Marriage Equality
Monday, June 11, 2007

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The Public Square - The Equality Act Campaign

Take a look at the
"Freedom to Marry" Ad

Is marrying someone of a different race the same a marrying someone of the same gender?

If you look at this ad you could be led to believe there is no difference between interracial marriage and homosexual unions.

They call it “marriage equality” and it is what they are seeking in Florida and across the nation.  And “they” happen to be a group of pro-homosexual organizations running an ad campaign.

Their real intent is to defeat a pro-marriage constitutional amendment scheduled for a vote in Florida for November of 2008. They are rallying millions of dollars from across the nation to pour into the Florida fight. They believe that can defeat the pro-marriage movement in the Sunshine State and spin that victory into a national crusade.

They might even get a President elected that way.

Their first ad is now out and we have placed it on our website for your review.  Don’t just take our word for it. Look at the ad, read the copy and see for yourself.

After you do – and after you prayer, try asking yourself a few questions: 

“How much does the legal recognition of marriage as a man and a woman mean to me?”

“Do I want my children and the next generation to grow up in an America where every classroom and textbook has to legally honor a whole different definition of marriage?”

“What am I willing to sacrifice to protect marriage in America?”

We are working to do that everyday and we could surely use your help. To find out how you can help in this effort both for Florida and the nation please call us 1.800.522.VOTE or respond here.

The Equality Act Campaign - June 11th, 2007



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