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Arnold on Global Warming
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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The Public Square Radio Broadcast - Arnold on Global Warming, Information on Global Warming I heard Arnold on TV the other day.

The Terminator, turned "Gover-nator" was on Fox News the other day talking about Global Warming. It seems Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to take California green in a big way.

He intends to keep driving a big SUV and flying a private jet – all of which he contends famous people ought to be able to do without criticism, as long as they do their part to buy indulgences like carbon credits.

But I digress…

The most interesting point of the interview was when Arnold was challenged on the science of global warming. “What if the theories of man-made climate change prove to be wrong?” the Governor was asked. His response was classic.

We’ll still all be better off for the changes we make, said the Governor.

In other words, the ends justifies the means.  No cares about the science, let's just ride the bandwagon.

I was thinking about all this as I looked at a picture of the Easter Bunny I took on my cell phone. This bunny was huge, over six feet tall, with big yellow eyes and a cheery smile.  It was sitting on a front lawn this past Easter Season. It was made of snow, that’s right, a snow bunny for Easter. It went along well with the snow much of the Midwest endured in the coldest Spring in memory.

Some of the kids sang Christmas songs on Easter morning, just for fun.  Its fun to laugh at the weather because it usually balances out in the end and no one holds weathermen to promises they cannot possibly keep.

But should political leaders be held to a higher standard?

Is it right to launch a national campaign that will heavily impact the economy, even cost people jobs, if we don’t have the science right?

More arguments against global warming.

Arnold on Global Warming - April 24th, 2007



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