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Light Bulb Ideas! - Arguments Against Global Warming
Monday, April 23, 2007

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The Public Square Radio Broadcast - Light Bulb Ideas So when the light bulb comes on – it’s a good idea right?

I was in Nashville the other day and stumbled across this story on the front page.  It seems that the better idea, known as the CFL light bulb may have a bit of  a dark side.

CFL does not stand for the Canadian Football League in this instance.  It stands for Compact Fluorescent Light. The bulbs are being pushed by the global warming movement as an way to reduce power plant demands and therefore save carbon emissions, etc, etc.

Now to be fair, every time we challenge the doctrines of global warming somebody gets angry. The goal is not to anger anyone or get caught up in the stereotypical crossfire.

Its just that some of us in America have lived through at least three other environmental scares. There was:
1) The pollution scare of Rachel Carson and The Silent Spring, then
2) The population scare, then
3) The New Global Ice Age.

So if some of us remain a little skeptical on global warming, please have a little respect for those thrice burned.

But back to the light bulb.  The problem with the CFL bulb is it contains mercury which is toxic to humans. When the bulbs get thrown in the garbage they break and the leaking mercury poses a real threat to the environment and particularly to the garbage men who haul this stuff away.

It appears the big push to get these bulbs to market lacked the forethought to consider the dark side of mercury exposure.


The moral of the story,  every bright idea should be tested, including the theory that humans are causing the temperature to rise.

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Light Bulb Ideas! - April 23rd, 2007



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