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Henny Penny Was Wrong! - The Global Warming Debate
Friday, November 09, 2007

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The Public Square Radio Broadcast - Henny Penny Was Wrong! Do you remember the story of Henny Penny?

Henny Penny—we all heard the story about the hen who was convinced the sky was falling.

Of course, Henny Penny, well-motivated as she could be, was wrong. Henny Penny is a story for kids—a fairy tale with a moral for grown-ups as well. Even the best of motivation can misread the data and reach incorrect conclusions. We all can be wrong, even trying to be right.

For example, the people who are skeptical about global warming might be wrong. Or, the people who are totally convinced global warming is caused by people might be wrong. How can we know for sure? Of course we can all look at the data and evaluate the basic theories. It’s not really that terribly complicated. After all, Al Gore became an expert in his spare time and won an Oscar on the subject.

One thing is certain about the global warming debate. It has reached a very high temperature in political circles. Politicians are ready to start spending billions, maybe even trillions of your dollars, based on the theories of man-made global warming. And if they get it wrong, a whole lot of money will be lost, along with a whole lot of jobs, and maybe even a lot of lives. It’s all your money they will be spending and your freedoms that they want to curtail.

I suppose the most troubling part of all this is the absolute certainty of the global warming zealots. They say the debate is over. Their fervor is beyond religious passion. They simply know that they are right and plan to do whatever it takes to save the world—from mankind.

But what happens if they are wrong? 

At least take a look—before somebody else starts spending your money and your children’s future.

More arguments against global warming.

Henny Penny Was Wrong!- April 17th, 2007



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