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The Staff, Board, and Partners of the American Policy Roundtable

Beginning year of service in ( )

Mr. Rob Walgate
Vice President, American Policy Roundtable (2000)

Mrs. Patty Marountas
Assistant to the President (1995)

Mrs. Rachel Perez
Office Manager (2005)

Mrs. Darlene Nedley
Assistant (2005)

Mrs. Suzanne Robbins
Research Associate (1980)

Mr. Mark Mattson
Accountant (2000)

Evergreen Communications
Mr. Alan Duncan
Producer (2004)

Mrs. Anna Welch
Graphic Design and Production (2004)

The Public Square® Broadcast Team
Mr. Wayne Shepherd, co-host ( 2006)
Mrs. Melanie Elsey (2003)
Dr. Jeff Sanders (2007)
Dr. Sterling Glover (1980)

Shepherds Staff Pastors Council
Rev. John Bouquet (2001)

Medical Advisors
Dr. Chuck McGowen
Chief Medical Research Advisor (2000)

Dr. John Parschauer
Associate Advisor (1994)

Florida Policy Roundtable
Ms. Elaine Merritt
Legislative Director (2005)

Tennessee Policy Roundtable
Dr. David Zanotti
President/CEO (1985)

Ohio Roundtable
Mrs. Melanie Elsey
National Legislative Director (2003)

Strategic Allies
Pennsylvania Family Institute
Michael Geer, President

Chief Legal Counsel
Webster Chamberlain and Bean
Washington, D.C.

Board of Trustees
Mr. John Jazwa
Chairman Emeritus
Naples, Florida (1986)

Mrs. Carolyn Bartley
Cocoa Beach, Florida (2004)

Mr. Don Cochran
Gates Mills, Ohio (1988)

Dr. Sterling Glover
Cleveland, Ohio (1980)

Mr. Norm Mulder
Grafton, Ohio (1986)

Dr. David Zanotti (1985)

Mrs. Patty Marountas
Secretary to the Board (2016)