The President and the Prophet
DC Still Abuzz over Metaxas Speech

Detroit Casino Fight
The Video

Did Casinos Save Them?
Detroit Going Dark -- Literally


Day Three
Scalia does not disappoint

Day Two
Carville Starts Super Spin Cycle

Union shuts down Red Cross
Blood Drive Cancelled on Valentines Day

Jimmy Carter's Second Term
Spencer on New Hostage Crisis

The Glitterati
Nashville Diocese
Urges citizens to pray and act

How the Casino Deal Breaks the Law - Ohio, 2011
Same-Sex Divorce
CA Poster Couple Splits Up

USSC Case History
Same-sex Cases summary

Metaxas to Obama and America
Video of full speech here

Honor Killings Conviction
Video Update

Roundtable Sues Ohio Governor
News Release

"Bless You" banned
CA Teacher Punishes Students -Video

Pastor to be Executed
Iranian Muslims demand:

Tribe Expels Black Members
Where is the Justice Dept?

Islamists Burn US Flag

A Prayer for Your Member of Congress at Townhall Meetings
The N.I.C.E. is here
U.K. Creating Human Hybrids in Secret

Obamacare and Germany
Metaxas links Abortion Mandate and Hitler

Obamacare Misses the Mark
Boston Globe

Tim Allen
How Hollywood Treats Conservatives

Get Election Help Here - Fast, Free, Non-Partisan

OH - oh no!
Primary Ballot confusion

Obama 2016
Plans to dominate Senate races

Rep. Jordan Slams Omnibus Bill
Read the Story Here

Ben Stein on climate change

Tops Box Office Christmas Day

ACA signups Inflated
HHS hiding numbers from Congress

The rule of Facebook
Pres abandons press on immigration

Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care
Justice for All?

Highest Tax Revenues - EVER
Feds Biggest Take - But Deficit Remains

Pres Shuns Black Pastors
Refuses meeting on marriage debate

Real Politics at the Bottom
VIDEO -- Write-In Wins PA Senate Seat!

10 Questions for Darwin
CD + Book Set

TPS Turns 25
The Public Square's® 25th Anniversary

Will Christians Fight?
The Romeike's persecution in America

FOX Finally Awakens

Obama Defines God's Work
Tells Supporters they are serving God

Article One
The New Booklet

The White House Garden
Good food wasting away

Gambling Collapsing
Atlantic City Falling Down

Ryan and Reconciliation
2016 vs Today

Maybe they are watching?
Facebook and college admission

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40 Days of Prayer for Congress
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1915: Christmas with Fanny Crosby
This album is Part Two in a series called Heaven's Encore—a project to bring back the lost works of Fanny Crosby to the modern era. Songwriters, arrangers, and performers from the U.S. and Great Britain came together to turn these lost carols into classics of the Christmas season.
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In this audio CD series, David Zanotti, CEO of the American Policy Roundtable, presents a refreshing and practical curriculum on how any thinking citizen can become an effective agent for real change in American culture.
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The Great Commission (single card)
This is a 5x7 card displaying the words of The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20.

10 Questions for Darwin
Intelligent Design
If you had a chance to ask Charles Darwin a question, what would you ask him? Join best-selling author Dr. Charles McGowen as he proposes ten 21st Century questions for Charles Darwin and all those who have built their scientific models upon the tenets of Darwinian evolution.

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Health Care Issues in America
What really happened to health care in America back in 2009 and 2010? Do you know the impact the Affordable Care Act will have on your life in the years to come? This report helps answer these questions.
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United States Constitution
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Samuel Adams - Father of the American Revolution
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Rediscovering American History
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Christianity and the Constitution
DZ's Top Book Picks
Explore the roots of Christianity in the Constitution with author John Eidsmoe.
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Defending the Declaration
DZ's Top Book Picks
A facinating look at how the Bible and Christianity influenced the writing of The Declaration of Independence.
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A History of the American People
DZ's Top Book Picks
Join Paul Johnson and journey through 400 years of American History.
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Mastering Reading with Lydia Harris Video
School Choice
A valuable resource for parents and teachers, Mastering Reading provides simple, yet effective strategies which will enable students to become successful readers.
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A Review of IRS Guidelines for Churches
Election regulations for churches to satisfy IRS regulations.

The Treasure Principle
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In the Words of Our Enemies
National Defense
In the Words of Our Enemies, Jed Babbin, author and editor of Human Events, catalogs our enemies' own words, chronicles the demagogues, dictators, and death squads openly threatening America – with potentially devastating consequences.
$ 20.00

The Abolition of Man
DZ's Top Book Picks
"A Real Triumph." - Owen Barfield describes The Abolition of Man. In The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis sets out to persuade his audience of the importance and relevance of universal values such as courage and honor in contemporary society.
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Case for a Creator
DZ's Top Book Picks
"My road to atheism was paved by science...but, ironically, so was my later journey to God."- Lee Strobel
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DZ's Top Book Picks
Arrogance - Rescuing America from the Media Elite.
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Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton
A crowning literary achievement, Orthodoxy is G.K. Chesterton’s manifesto on the Christian faith. Filled with humor and literary wit, and written in a thoughtful, humble manner, Orthodoxy lays out a strong defense of orthodox Christian doctrine and the authority of the Bible.
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Unlocking the Mysteries of Life
Intelligent Design
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Men in Black
DZ's Top Book Picks
Levin's hard-charging style and dire warnings of the Supreme Court's direction will strike a resonant tone of alarm.
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The Importance of the Electoral College: Guarding the Federal System
A pastor and respected author, Dr. George Grant discusses one of the most misunderstood institutions of American government.
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The Question of God by Dr. Armand M. Nicholi
A fascinating journey into the minds of Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis, two of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth-century.
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The Question of God DVD
A fascinating documentary produced by PBS, on The Question of God, by Dr. Armand Nicholi.
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In Six Days: A Case for Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design
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DZ's Top Book Picks
Former CBS insider Bernard Goldberg blows the whistle on the liberal media and tells the inside story in his book Bias.
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First Among Equals - The Supreme Court and American Life
DZ's Top Book Picks
Kenneth W. Starr breakes down the American Court System in his highly acclaimed book First Among Equals.
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Gambling in America
Casino Gambling/Lottery
Documents the costs and benefits of legalized casino gambling. Written by Earl L. Grinols. (2004)
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The Right Questions - Truth, Meaning & Public Debate
DZ's Top Book Picks
Going far beyond matters of creation and evolution, Johnson calls for all true educators and leaders to openly pursue questions of ultimate concern.
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Saddam's Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied and Survived Saddam Hussein
National Defense
Georges Sada was one of Saddam's top generals and foremost military advisors. A truth-teller in a government that made the truth dangerous. A devout Christian in a Muslim country. And a man who would stand up for what was right--even at the risk of his own life. Learn more about General Sada's amazing journey as an insider to one of history's most sinister regimes.
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