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“Learn and Earn Exaggerations” Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg, Casino Opponents Charge
October 04 2006

Rob Walgate, 440-572-1796

Cleveland, Ohio–Charlie Ruma, Campaign Chairman for Learn and Earn Issue 3, has finally admitted that the economic base for the casino plan has been based upon exaggerations. Ruma’s comments appear in this morning’s edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer in an article written by Tom Breckenridge.

The original Learn and Earn revenue estimates predicted $700 million for college grants and scholarship funds. A few months later, the number grew to over $800 million. Recent television ads have been promising “almost a billion dollars a year” for the college fund. Ruma admitted the claims have been exaggerated and stated “If I can, I’ll stop it today.”

The Vote NO Casinos committee has been challenging the Learn and Earn economic model and projections for several months. “It is now more than evident Learn and Earn has not been truthful with the voters of Ohio, but this is only the tip of the iceberg,” stated David Zanotti, Co-Chair of Vote NO Casinos. “They are telling an even bigger ‘exaggeration’ by claiming college tuition funds will be available for ‘all children’ in Ohio. A thorough examination of the fine print of the amendment reveals that Learn and Earn leaves lots of Ohio children behind and out of the money. The only guarantee that really sticks is that nine casino developers will get their money off the top.”

The Vote NO Casino committee is co-chaired by State Auditor Betty D. Montgomery and David Zanotti, President of the Ohio Roundtable.

Paid for by Vote NO Casinos, 3121 Bay Landing Dr., Bay Village, OH 44145, Mark Mattson, Treasurer.