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Ballot Board debate reveals Learn and Earn Casinos will escape state taxes
August 23 2006

Rob Walgate, (440) 572-1796

Columbus - At the state ballot board meeting yesterday a glaring loophole in the Learn and Earn Casino Amendment came to light. During questioning by the Board, Learn and Earn attorneys were unable to answer direct questions regarding proposed casinos and the Ohio CAT (commercial activity tax). Most all Ohio businesses are required to pay the CAT tax on their business revenue each year. The language of the proposed casino amendment creates a clear exemption from any taxes being placed on gross revenues from slot machines and casino-style gambling in Ohio.

"Why should casino revenues be tax-free in Ohio?" questioned David Zanotti, President of the Ohio Roundtable and co-chair of the Vote No Casinos Committee. "This is one more casino-cover-up. They are creating an amendment of special privileges and exempting their revenues from state and local taxes. And they are trying to cover-up this benefit. The casino bosses will get 55% off the top on this deal and big tax cuts under the table. They don't want voters to see the facts about their amendment."

The Vote NO Casino Committee is co-chaired chaired by Ohio State Auditor Betty Montgomery and David Zanotti, President of the Ohio Roundtable. The effort to defeat casino gambling in Ohio is a tri-partisan project including Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters. For contact information and interviews please contact Rob Walgate at 440.572.1796.

For information on the "Learn and Earn Ohio" proposal, click here.

To learn more about the "Opposition to Learn and Earn Ohio, Ohio Issue 3 slots and the Vote No Casinos Committee, click here.