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Roundtable Response to Ohio Appellate Decision
March 14 2013

Rob Walgate, (800) 522-VOTE

Cleveland, Ohio - The Ohio Appellate Court has sent a clear message to Governor Kasich, the Ohio Legislature and the gambling industry. They may do whatever they please regardless of the Ohio Constitution. The message is equally clear to the voters of Ohio. Regardless of how you vote to amend the Constitution, the governor and legislature can ignore the law and cut whatever back room deals they please. No citizen has the right to a day in court. No one has the right to legal protest. The rights of the people to defend the laws they pass no longer exists.

Several years ago, The Roundtable and a group of citizens pursued a case (Ohio Roundtable v. Taft, 2002) with similar legal questions regarding gambling and the unconstitutional diversion of funds from education. We were granted both standing and victory on a major claim of that suit. Today we are denied even a hearing in the court. What has changed?

This ruling sends a chilling message to those concerned with government corruption. If the people of Ohio have no right to the courts, no standing to defend themselves against governors and lawmakers diverting state funds illegally, how will the people protect themselves against corruption? This court is telling all Ohioans that we have no right to stop the corruption. We don't even have the right to a day in court to make our case. We only have the responsibility to pay for the corruption and endure the consequences.

- end -

The Ohio Roundtable is a division of The American Policy Roundtable founded in 1980. The Roundtable is a non-profit, independent public policy organization. For more information please contact Mr. Rob Walgate, Vice-President of the Ohio Roundtable, at 1.800.522.VOTE (8683).