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Florida Policy Roundtable Questions Gubernatorial Hopefuls
August 08 2006

Rachel Halleland, (800) 522-VOTE

Tallahassee, FL–Today the Florida Policy Roundtable released a series of questions for candidates seeking the 2006 nomination for Governor. Many of these questions will be included in the Florida online edition of, an independent, non-partisan website covering major elections in several key states. The following are among the questions being featured: 1) Should the Florida Legislature raise taxes or cut existing programs to implement class size reduction? 2) Should Florida continue to expand school choice options so that education dollars follow the child to the school chosen by parents?

3) Do you support or oppose changing the state constitution to require a 60% supermajority vote before amendments to the Florida constitution become law?

4) Is it time for the United States Supreme Court to reconsider the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision which opened the door to legalized abortion in every state?

5) Should federal public policy more tightly control the expansion of legalized gambling in facilities owned by Indian tribes?

6) Should the definition of marriage remain as the union of a man and a woman in state and federal law?

7) Is the tax burden on Floridians too high, too low, or just about right?

The Florida Policy Roundtable is a division of the American Policy Roundtable, founded in 1980. The Roundtable has been publishing non-partisan voter information for over 26 years. The Roundtable is building and supporting public policy organizations in five key states including Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia.

The Roundtable's first entry into Florida policy dates back to the term limits debate in 1992. The Florida Roundtable hosts the daily news and commentary radio broadcast "The Public Square®", which has been airing across the state since 2003. coverage of Florida election races began in 2004. This year USAVoter will cover legislative, state Supreme Court, state executive offices, U.S. congressional races, and all state ballot issues.

"Florida voters want to know where the candidates stand on these issues and more, and they have the right to know", stated David Zanotti, President of the Florida Policy Roundtable. "There will be millions spent trying to convince voters to remember a name or a face, or a sound bite. digs deeper to the level where issues intersect pocketbooks, families, and Florida's future."

For more information on The Florida Policy Roundtable and please visit For interviews with Mr. Zanotti, President and CEO of the Florida Policy Roundtable and the American Policy Roundtable, contact Rachel Halleland at 800.522.VOTE.