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November 03 2010

Rob Walgate, 440-572-1796

Strongsville, Ohio - It wasn’t Republican turnout or Democratic apathy. It was a newly inspired group of voters in key districts across America that changed the makeup of the US Congress on November 2nd. That’s the analysis of the American Policy Roundtable, the designer of and

“For years the rising trend of ‘non-affiliated’ or independent voters has been growing in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and across the nation,” stated David Zanotti, CEO of the American Policy Roundtable. “The two major parties still dominate the titles connected to Congressional seats, but free agent voters are now deciding who will sit in those seats. With this huge voting block, principle and issues matter much more than party.”

The Roundtable is pointing to major upsets of incumbents across the country to illustrate the rising tide of “free agent” voters. The victory of Daniel Webster over incumbent Alan Grayson in Florida, Mike Kelly’s victory in Western Pennsylvania and the upset of Charlie Wilson by Ohio newcomer Bill Johnson all are the result of remarkable homegrown citizen efforts. “These were not races bought and paid for by outsiders. These are not ‘party victories.’ They are the clear result of real people making independent decisions to change their representation in Congress” Zanotti stated.

“This is just the beginning,” Zanotti concluded. “People who place principles and issues over party are now finding a leadership role in the electoral process. These voters, having experienced such remarkable success in 2010, will be all the more empowered in 2012.”

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