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Roundtable Invites President to Debate Health Care in Cleveland
March 10 2010

Rob Walgate, 440-572-1796

For Immediate Release Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio – Today the American Policy Roundtable invited President Obama to include a healthcare debate with real tax paying citizens on his anticipated visit to Cleveland, Ohio. The Roundtable, a non-profit, independent public policy organization has been actively engaged in the health care debate since 1994.

"The President met for a dialogue with members of Congress, but when has he ever sat down and discussed the specifics of his proposal with citizens who have studied every version of this proposed legislation?” asked David Zanotti, President of the American Policy Roundtable. "We the People have serious questions. We have read the House and Senate versions multiple times. We watched all seven hours of the recent Summit. We want to know what specific changes the President is making and if he is open to suggestions from people who are going to have to live under this new plan."

The Roundtable is inviting the President to meet with three of its policy staff, in a forum that is limited to one hour and would be open only to credentialed media. Details of the format were described by Rob Walgate, Roundtable Vice-President. "We are not going to include a live audience so that the participants can remain focused only on the actual legislative proposals and not audience responses.The event is designed for the media to broadcast in any way possible, and thereby reach the largest possible audience with the highest caliber of relevant content."

The Roundtable is inviting the President to bring his best two advocates and meet with Melanie Elsey,Roundtable Legislative Director, Dr. Chuck McGowen, an Ohio physician and medical professor and David Zanotti, CEO of the American Policy Roundtable.

"The current path of this legislation gives no opportunity for public input in Congress. People have serious questions about their health and futures. We have been listening to their concerns and have spent countless hours studying these proposals. We urge the White House to take one hour and sit down with us and respond to honest questions about this proposal" Walgate concluded.

Here is a copy of the letter to the President:

Dear Mr. President,

Given your pending appearance in Greater Cleveland to make a speech on health care, please accept our invitation most respectfully submitted for your review.

We invite you and two guests to join us in an hour dialogue/debate on your health care proposal. We have been working on this issue since 1994. We have questions regarding the existing legislation and your proposed changes. We have no vehicle in the Congress to express these concerns, and since you are now leading this process we respectfully request a full airing of these questions.

We realize that the media will want to cover this dialogue and we agree. However, we are not suggesting any audience participation or moderators. This one hour dialogue is requested so that a series of real questions can be asked without any partisan or political advantage. Our organization is not affiliated with any of the insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals, medical associations or political parties. We are a citizen effort with a very long track record in this field.

Our team would be represented by myself, our Legislative Director Melanie Elsey and Ohio physician and medical professor, Dr. Charles McGowen. None of us are connected to the Republican or Democrat Party. I am a registered Independent (non-aligned) in the state of Ohio. We have heard from thousands of people on this question and we hope you will grant this opportunity for a genuine dialogue.


David Zanotti President & CEO The American Policy Roundtable