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President Missing the Point on Health Care Debate
March 04 2010

Rachel Halleland, 440-572-1796

Cleveland, Ohio – In response to the President’s pronouncement on health care, David Zanotti, American Policy Roundtable president, released the following response today. The Roundtable has been involved in the federal health care debate since 1994.

“It is clear the President is missing the key objection to his health care agenda. This objection is shared by millions of Americans who are opposed to the massive reconstruction of health care by the establishment of a brand new, non-elected, federal health care bureaucracy.

Both the House and Senate legislation create this new bureaucratic super-authority. The difference is one of degrees. In both cases the power to declare what types of insurance plans, procedures and costs are “legal” will be determined inside the new federal bureaucracy. Citizens will lose their right to choose the kinds of plans they want and the ability to choose the care their doctors think best. The free market will lose incentives to create plans that keep up with scientific and technological breakthroughs.

The President is acting outside the authority of the Executive Branch and now creating legislation on non-budgetary measures. This is clearly a violation of the Constitutional separation of powers. Furthermore, the entire notion of the federal government controlling the health care choices of every American is way outside the boundaries of constitutional intent.

Both Republicans and Democrats are missing the real reasons Americans are so angry about a massive federal health care takeover. “We the people” do not want bigger government, more federal interference, more taxes, fewer choices and less freedom. We have no confidence that a Congress that refuses to read the bills it passes, cares one wit about the consequences of their massive legislative boondoggles.

The only answer to this crisis of trust in America is new leadership. It is time for Americans to find new leaders willing to uphold the principles of the U.S. Constitution. The federal government cannot fix every problem in America. It was never designed to do so. Americans know this is true. It is time to find leaders who can handle the truth and leave the illusions of nationalized health care behind.”

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