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Roundtable Announces
July 03 2009

Rob Walgate, 440-572-1796

Columbus, Ohio – The American Policy Roundtable today announced a new project titled The joint effort with Roundtable Freedom Forum and The Liberty Committee will be unveiled this evening in Hanoverton, Ohio on historic Plymouth Street. This tiny Ohio village was visited by Abraham Lincoln and was a key link on the Underground Railroad. It has been largely restored to its original 1800’s stature through the efforts of the Johnson family of Summitville Tile Co.

Joining with several “Tea Party” organizations, at an evening billed as a Boston Tea Party, the Roundtable/Freedom Forum will unveil the details of a plan to address a series of grievances with the US Congress.

“It’s time for them to come home,” stated Roundtable/Freedom Forum CEO David Zanotti, who is moderating the evening's event. “We the people have had all we can stand with a Congress that defies the Constitution and refuses to even read the laws they pass. It’s time they all pack up and find their way back home. That is our message to every member, Republican, Democrat and Independent. We are sending them their termination notices effective today and spreading the word across the nation. We don’t have to put up with this Congress one more day.”

The event will be recorded for national radio distribution and video of the event will appear on several major websites along with YouTube distribution. Similar events will be held in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Tennessee in coming weeks. These are all states where Roundtable/Freedom Forum is actively engaged in policy development. The program will also be featured on the national radio broadcast, The Public Square®, with over 150 outlets across the nation.

“The plan is simple,” stated Melanie Elsey, American Policy Roundtable National Legislative Director. Every citizen sends their Representative and Senators a pink slip. Then we track major votes to determine who is worthy of supporting in the future. Unless they prove their genuine commitment to The Declaration and the Constitution, they and their staff had best start looking for a good resume service.”

The Roundtable and Roundtable Freedom Forum are both non-partisan, non-profit organizations founded in 1980. In 1994 Roundtable mounted a major 14 state effort to defeat the Clinton nationalized health care plan. Roundtable has been a leader in the term limits movement and other significant government reform issues. In 2005, the Roundtable led a coalition in Ohio titled which focused citizen pressure against the corrupt Taft Administration.

Pictures of the Launch Location at Hanoverton, Ohio