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Roundtable Congratulates Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Fisher for Joining Vote No on Issue 4 Effort
August 21 2008

Rob Walgate, (440) 572-1796

CLEVELAND, OH - Today, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher announced their opposition to Issue 4, the mandatory sick leave measure. Both men committed to work toward the defeat of the measure on the November ballot.

David Zanotti, President of the Ohio Roundtable, stated in response, "Both the Governor and Lt. Governor should be congratulated for coming to the right position on this measure. Everyone wants a better workplace in Ohio with the best possible care for employees. The key is to go about it in a way that protects everyone's constitutional rights and inspires Ohio to greater prosperity. We welcome the Governor and the Lt. Governor as they join Senate President Harris and House Speaker Husted in a unified front urging all Ohioans to vote no on Issue 4."

The Ohio Roundtable founded in 1980 is a non-partisan, non-profit education and research organization. The Roundtable has been actively involved in ballot issue campaigns in Ohio and nationwide since 1988.