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Ohio Roundtable’s Statement on Governor Strickland’s Mandatory Sick Leave 'Compromise'
July 30 2008

Gabe Host, 440-572-1796

Columbus, OH – Today Governor Ted Strickland and Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher released letters to Ohio business leaders inviting them to participate in a “compromise” on the mandatory sick leave measure. The Ohio Roundtable has issued the following statement:

The Governor’s strategy is not a compromise but is in fact a surrender of the basic rights of both workers and business owners in Ohio. The state of Ohio should not be dictating employee benefits on sick leave. No state in the union has a law that dictates sick leave. It makes no sense for Ohio to be the first state to make this radical change that will cost jobs, lower benefits to employees and place Ohio companies at a competitive disadvantage.

The Governor has conceded the mandated sick leave issue is seriously flawed. Placing a band-aid on such a flawed idea won’t work. The governor is also attempting to claim that a single public opinion poll is reason enough to make a radical change in Ohio business law. That is not leadership that is capitulation to special interest.

David Zanotti, President and CEO of Ohio Roundtable commented, “No one is against employees getting paid sick leave. The Governor’s compromise will strip away the basic rights of employees and business owners to negotiate sick leave in their own best interests. The best way for Ohioans to protect their rights is to oppose any form of state dictated sick leave policy.”

The Ohio Roundtable encourages all Ohioans to contact Governor Strickland at 614-466-3555 and express their concerns.

For more information on this issue please visit

Or, for more information on Ohio Issue 4: visit