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RELEASE: It's Lyle's Ohio Now
May 02 2008

Rob Walgate, (800) 522-VOTE

Cleveland, OH - World class poker player and Indian gambling developer Lyle Berman is traveling Ohio today with the MyOhioNow casino campaign. Mr. Berman has come forward to acknowledge that he is the "secret partner" that has been underwriting the attempt to amend the Ohio Constitution and legalize a single casino in Clinton County.

"It's about time MyOhioNow finally came clean and admitted their funding and leadership is coming from Mr. Berman and his tribal gambling empire" stated Rob Walgate, Vice-President of the Ohio Roundtable. "MyOhioNow has spent almost a half-million dollars on commercials claiming they are going to keep gambling dollars in Ohio. Now we discover the real source of the project is an out of state tribal gambling developer. Of all the casino proposals Ohioans have rejected this is by far the worst plan to surface yet. This campaign is clearly an attempt to hand the Ohio Constitution to Mr. Berman. It's Lyle's Ohio Now."

The Roundtable has helped lead successful campaigns against expanded gambling in Ohio in 1990, 1996 and 2006. The Ohio Roundtable, a division of the American Policy Roundtable, is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy organization founded in 1980.