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Roundtable Applauds House Vote Banning Illegal Slots
October 11 2007

Rob Walgate, (800) 522-8683

Columbus - The Ohio Roundtable applauds members of the Ohio House for passing legislation that will help stop the exploitation of the law by the gambling industry. Today’s vote is a significant step forward toward the removal of an estimated 50,000 illegal gambling devices across the state.

“Today’s vote was strong and reflective of the public sentiment regarding slot machines,” stated Rob Walgate, Ohio Roundtable Vice President. “We understand the process isn’t over, and are watching the language closely. But we are confident that President Harris and members of the Senate will also deliver on this important measure.”

The final vote on HB 177 was 82-13. Walgate added, “We are appreciative of the leadership displayed by Speaker Husted and Governor Strickland and their efficiency in addressing this statewide problem.”

The Ohio Roundtable is a division of The American Policy Roundtable founded in 1980. The Roundtable is a non-profit public policy organization. Ohio Roundtable helped lead successful campaigns against casino gambling in 1990, 1996, and 2006.