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Roundtable Applauds Governor Strickland:
August 22 2007

Rob Walgate, (440) 572-1796

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is making good on his promise to respect the voters and stop illegal slots from expanding in Ohio. Today, the Governor is announcing an administrative rule and executive order designed to end the illegal proliferation of slot machines across the state. These machines have been installed under the guise of confusion created by gambling machine manufacturers claiming the slots are actually legal games of skill. The Governor's order will empower Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann to bring enforcement action against the owners of these illegal slot parlors. The Governor is also calling for immediate legislation that will permanently ban these machines statewide.

"This is an important step in ending the anarchy created by illegal machine operators", stated David Zanotti, President of the Ohio Roundtable and Co-Chair of Vote No Casinos, the organization that led the campaign to defeat casino gambling in the recent 2006 election. "The voters have said no to casino-style gambling three times since 1990", Zanotti added. "Their wishes must be respected and the Constitution upheld. Going after illegal slots is the right move."

Leaders of the Ohio General Assembly are promising to address this crisis with immediate legislation upon their return to session in September. This important step will permanently end this debate and draw a very bright line for local law enforcement and the Courts on how to deal with illegal slots.

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